Monday 28 April 2008

Something that annoys me about Blogger is that the time stamp on each post - by default - shows when I started writing, not when I finished. So, earlier, it may have looked like I'd said I was going out, then almost an hour later posted again - that was not the case. I think I'll have to start manually editing the time. (When I say it "annoys" me, it's really only a minor irritation.)

Anyhoo... where was I?

Yesterday at work was good, although less exciting than Friday. I had lunch in the staff canteen - I'd lost track of the time so I was a little late, and ended up with a cold baked potato and some salad - nice enough, though. (Whilst the hotel restaurant has a fairly good selection of vegetarian food, there does seem to be slightly less choice for the staff...) The rest of the day was fairly uneventful, as I spent most of it just working. I did get to meet some more people, while I was having a cigarette, and one of the guys went and fetched me a cup of coffee - he was most insistent that I shouldn't be smoking without one - which I thought was very sweet of him :-)

I know I said earlier that there had been other things going on, but now I come to think about it, I'm not sure what...

I still haven't got round to changing the car documents into my name. I did go to the Transport Office, and was told that when I bought the car I should also have been given a transfer of ownership form. I wasn't. The man there was helpful, though, and gave me another form, which he said I needed to get filled in by the seller, then fill in my bit, then take it to the Mukhtar (like a mayor, sort of) of Pegeia and also get it signed by him. I explained that the guy who'd sold me the car had now moved back to the UK (hence the sale), and was told that, in that case, what I should do is forge his signature - yes, the form has to be completed, but it doesn't really matter who actually completes it! There always seem to be such straightforward ways around any sort of bureaucracy here...

Last night I went to church. It was the service of the Anastasis (the Resurrection of Christ), which is what happens on Easter Saturday. Bells started ringing at about 11 o'clock, calling everyone to the church. When I got there, I found somewhere to stand outside, and watched as hundreds and hundreds of people arrived, all dressed up (you have to have new clothes at Easter!) and carrying (unlit) candles. The service (which I could hear on speakers) went on until midnight, then the priest (if that's the right word in the Greek Orthodox Church) came outside and said some stuff, and there were bells again. Then all the people came from inside the church carrying their (now lit) candles, and lit the candles of the people waiting outside - spreading the light - saying "Christos Anesti" (Christ is risen) to each other, and replying "Alithos Anesti" (indeed he is risen).

And then there were fireworks !! As well as a huge bonfire (which was there the whole time, I just forgot to mention it before), on top of which was an effigy of Judas Iscariot (which sounded a little evil to me, until someone pointed out that it's exactly what we do with Guy Fawkes on Bonfire Night).

I'm not one for religion, on the whole, but I thought the whole thing was really beautiful, and I found it all very moving.

And now I must sleep. Night night xx


Anonymous said...

night night! :-)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a lovely ceremony. :)

huggles and night night