Thursday 24 April 2008

new job, job news

I went into work today to sign my contract, and spent a couple of hours there. I had to wait a while for Chris, as he was with a Swedish couple (and their three little girls, all blonde and gorgeous), who are having a party at the hotel next week (I was eavesdropping!). Then we went down to the office and talked about some of the things I'm going to be doing.

Turns out he's only been there three weeks himself. He's not very happy with the way certain things are done, and he wants to "work together" to find better ways of doing things, and setting up new systems, which initially will take some time, but ultimately will make things run more smoothly, and in turn will make both of our lives easier. So tomorrow we're re-organising the office, moving furniture and files, and getting things just how we want them (I love all that stuff!).

(I also met the Restaurant Manager and the Chef, who were very friendly, but whose names I have failed to remember. Whoops.)

I get 24 days holiday (which is two more than I was originally told), and free meals whilst I'm "on duty". I'll also get a uniform (but not straight away), so I won't have to worry about what to wear, which is good, as I don't have a lot of "suitable" clothes.

It's all sounding pretty good so far, and I'm really looking forward to my first day.


derek almond said...

im so pleased its going well for you ;-) free meals is a win in anyones book ...


ps just dont forget to mention that his website is tables based, but you know some one who will update it for a weeks holiday ;-)

Phill said...

well done on the job - Bob!


Unknown said...

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