Tuesday 22 April 2008

I got a job !!! :-)

So, meet The Annabelle's new Banqueting Administrator

I had an interview there last Wednesday, with Nicos (General Manager). Then on Friday I had a call asking me to go back for a second interview, with Christos (Food & Beverage Manager), who is the guy I'll be working with/for. It went well - I liked him and what he said about the job, and he liked me. He said that he'd interviewed three other people, and that out of the four of us I was the favourite, but he still had one more lady to see, and that he would call me "first thing Monday" to let me know.

Of course, here, "first thing" doesn't actually mean that, so having spent all weekend wondering/worrying about what was going to happen, I then also spent most of yesterday doing the same.... Then at about quarter past 5 (!) Christos called and said he'd like me to go in again this morning to meet with the Personnel Manager.

Anyway, when I got there, I saw Nicos again, who confirmed my salary - €1100/m (which is pretty damn good!) - and my hours - 8.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday, plus additional hours when there's a big function on, and also Saturdays during the summer season (there is some flexibility, though, in that if I work over during the week, I can work shorter hours on Saturday, which is nice) - yes, they're long hours, but that's pretty standard for here. Oh, and t
he Personnel guy wasn't around, so I'll have to go back in to sign my contract, and then I can start pretty much straight away.

The job is basically organising stuff that takes place in the hotel - weddings (about 50%), conferences/meetings, and any other functions or events that people happen to want to hold there, really. It sounds like it's going to be quite interesting. Hopefully.

I've grabbed a couple of pictures off the website (sorry, if you've already looked). It's one of the few 5-star hotels in Paphos, and it's very, very posh !! I'm EXCITED :-)


freerangehumannoyed said...

Well done Bob. i think you are doing brilliant things. Hats and pants off to you.

Kittykickflip said...



Anonymous said...

Woots on you :-)

Woots. On. You. :-)

Anonymous said...


if you get the cheap garden furniture, tie a string through the drainage holes in the seat (or drill one or two) then tie a rock to the string... voila! wind proof furniture with built in pendulum pooing effect..!

seriously , smashing...

she said...

One of these comments conjured up an amusing picture in my head. Another contained a useful tip... Thanks, folks :-)