Saturday 12 April 2008

easter again

The weekend before I left the UK, it was Easter. And in two weeks' time, it's Greek Orthodox Easter - Pascha - which is the biggest and most important religious festival here, and also the longest holiday (5 days from Good Friday to Easter Tuesday). I've never been here at Easter before. Apparently it's a lot of fun - fireworks, food, singing and dancing...

But the thing I've been enjoying most is seeing the bizarre statues which are starting to appear at the roadside.

opposite the "Sand Witches"

on the way into Pegeia village

There are plenty more, and they're all different, but usually when I see them I'm driving and it's difficult to stop... I'll try to remember where I've seen some, go there, and take pictures...


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Again!

Anonymous said...

I love the statues! Very colourful. It's odd for me to see Easter decorations without snow in the background.

Anonymous said...

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